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MSSM Teacher Resources


Soil Tunnel - available to borrow through YCSWCD (approx 8ftX 8ft)

Web Soil Survey - printable soil reports. To start click on WSS green button

Soil Profile cards

Soil Texture by feel & Soil Triangle

NRCS Soil Lessons

Soil Sampling tube (one of the more affordable models)


The Incredible Journey - Project WET Curriculum and Materials

Build A Buffer Lesson- Developed by Sarah Plummer CCSWCD

Project WET - Contact Melissa to set up a workshop at your school - 12 participants min - 324-0888 X 214 or melissabrandt@yorkswcd.org


Hawk & Owl - Predator/prey relationships

Hooks & Ladders - Project Wild Aquatic- Salmon migration & managing multiple use ( * extension: ask the students to make managment decisions ie Fishing season limits, removal of predators, increase/decrease commercial fishing pressure, add a fish ladder [weave through cones instead of jumping through turbines]. Play several rounds to see the effects of managing for multiple uses on a river system)


Using a Biltmore stick

Basic Compass

Using a compass & a Clinometer

Using a Clinometer and Make your own Clinometer

FIG Plots (Forestry Inventory Growth Plots)

IPANE Invasive Plant Atlas of New England

Locating a District Forester


Acorn Naturalists- Supplies

Safari Club International (Wildife Boxes) Maine locations

Wildife Refuges

ME Center of Invasive Aquatic Plants

ReadME Ag Program

Resources for README Ag Program volunteers & educators

Recycled Plant Pots (from newspaper) tutorial

Farmer Grows a Rainbow

Tomatoes to Ketchup, Chickens to eggs Lesson

Nutrition Exploration - Lessons & info

Pollination Game - this one is FUN!

Makin' Bread - recipes for kids

Growing in the Garden

Ag in the Classroom National Site


Educational Opportunities

Stormwater Education

Lessons offered

If you are a teacher & are interested in one of these lessons please contact our Education Coordinator melissabrandt@yorkswcd.org for more information.


and for those who want to learn more about the New England landscape...

Wildlife cards - Various images


The York County Soil & Water Conservation District is a Non-Profit Organization all proceeds from our fundraising efforts are used to promote conservation and the wise use of our natural resources. The York County SWCD is an equal opportunity provider and employer.